Feed (The Newsflesh Trilogy) - Mira Grant


Rolled 10 (double 5's).

My TBR seems to be void of Westerns at the moment, so I opted for a title starting with F.


Be careful what you wish for comes to mind while reading this book.


A cure for cancer and a not fully tested cure for the common cold combine to make a zombie virus.


The ending was emotionally intense, both good and bad.


Booklikes-opoly Roll #14

I think I lost track of my roll dates somewhere.





Starting Bank: $20.00


April 17, Roll 8

Space:  Chance

Task: Read a mystery or title that begins with any letter in the word CLUE

Book: Cold Slice by L.T. Fawkes,  243 pgs

Finished: April 19

$$ : $23.00



Date Rolled: April 19

Bank: $23.00

Roll: 4 (3+1)

Space: Main Street 11, Disneyland

Task: Read a book written by an author born before 1955

Book: Castle Perilous by John DeChancie

Page count: 249

$$ Earned: $3

Finished: April 21


Date Rolled: April 21

Bank: $26.00

Roll: 2 (double 1‘s)


Space Main Street 13, Mr. Lincoln

Task: Read a book about a lawyer or set during the Civil War

Book: Devil in the Bottle by Carol Buchanan

Page Count: 214

$$ Earned: $3

Finished: April 22


Date Rolled: April 25

Bank: $29.00

Roll: 8

Space: BL

Task: Post about a vacation spot



Date Rolled: April 28

Bank: $29.00

Roll: 4 (double 2)


Space: 24 Adventureland, Jungle Cruise

Task: Set in Africa or Asia, or have an exotic animal on the cover

Book:Earthfall (Dinosaur Wars #1) by  Thomas P. Hopp 

Page Count: 286

$$: $32.00

Finished: April 30



Date Rolled: April 28

Bank: $32.00

Roll: 5


Space: 28 Paradise Pier

Task: Victoria’s reign or Steampunk

Book:The Queen’s Adept by Rodolfo MartinezPage Count: 378

$$: $35.00

Finished: May 6


Date Rolled: May 6

Bank: $35.00

Roll: 10 (double 5's)


Space: 1 Frontierland: Big Thunder

Task: Western or a letter in Frontier

Book: Feed by Mira Grant

Page COunt: 593

$$: 40.00

Finished: May 8


Date Rolled: May 8

Bank: $40.00

Roll: 4 (D 2‘s)/4(D 2‘s)


Space: 9 Fantasyland

Task: Rad Fantasy or Fairy Tale

Book: A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page Count: 186

$$: $42.00

Finished: May 14


May 15, Roll: 9


Space: 17, Chance

Task: Read a cozy Mystery

Book:Mitzi MaGee: Vampire Poodle by April Campbell Jones, 242pgs

Finished: May 18

$$: $45.00


May 19, Roll: 4

Space: 20, BL: Roll for task

Task: Read any book on your next turn

 May 23, Roll: 11

Space 30, but I can choose any book

Book: Jinx High,  322 pgs

Finished: May 29

$$: $48.00


May 29,  Roll: 6

Space: 36, Ride Space Mountain

Task: Cover depicting space,

Book: Downbelow Station,  528 pgs

Finished: June 4

$$: $53.00


June 6,  Roll: 9

Space: 8, Chance: Mystery

Task:  Read a mystery

Book: Dial C for Chihuahua,  351 pgs

Finished: June 14

$$: $56.00



June 15,  Roll: Double 1‘s

Space: Go To Jail

Task: read or buy 300pgs

Book: A Thane of Wessex, 186 pgs

Finished: June 17

$$: $54.00


Paradise Pier

The Queen's Adept - Rodolfo Martínez


Not sure why this one was marked Steampunk, but it is what it is.

I would have filed it as Fantasy.


A bit confusing, but it was translated from Spanish (I think) so I think he just needs a better translator.


Good vs evil, but which side is which is up for interpretation.

Brandan is both scary and to be pitied.


It would have been nice to have more details surrounding the Dark Forests.

I don't quite understand what the messengers and menialbodies are (or their purpose), but when I read fantasy I'm willing to throw belief down  dark well and just enjoy the story.

Kinda creepy though.


If you read Spanish I would recommend this one.

As far as I can tell none of the rest of the series has been translated so here is where I leave it.




Dinosaur Wars: Earthfall - Thomas P Hopp


Dinosaurs return to earth from a moon base.

Shocked that the little rat-like things have become the dominant species.


A fun book, if a bit juvenile.


I wanted to slap and shake the idiot wildlife ranger - for someone who spends his life working  with wildlife he knows absolutely nothing about animals.





I rolled a 9 for this one.

I have never actually been on a vacation.


If I could go anywhere I wanted though, I think it would be a choice between Alaska, the Black Forest of Germany, Ireland, or Scotland.

The Devil in the Bottle - Carol Buchanan


Based on true accounts of the life of Joseph Alfred Slade.

I'm not sure how I managed to get a hold of book 3 but not the first 2, so some of it was a bit confusing.


The main character is a lawyer from NYC who moved west and became part of the vigilante group patrolling (near as I could figure) what is now southern Montana down to Northern Nevada during the Civil War. There were no official courts as yet, so they basically policed their own.



Worth the read if you are interested in the old west, but I would suggest starting with book 1.  :  )


Castle Perilous - John DeChancie


That was highly enjoyable, if a bit confusing at the beginning.

The feet on the stairwell made me laugh.


I don't know if  I'd want to visit the place though.

Unless I could be assured of they way back.


I wonder what happened to the guy who took the piece of demon from the thief.


Rolled 8, Chance, Mystery

Cold Slice - L.T. Fawkes


Light, but entertaining.

Some pizza delivery people lead exciting lives.


Considering I am not a fan of mysteries I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this one.






Reading progress update: I've read 26%.

Lucifer's Hammer - Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle

" A good strip of beef jerky is bone dry, and hard enough to kill you if you file the end to a point."



OMG, that made me laugh out loud.

I'm picturing survivors dueling it out with strips of dried beef.


I'm left hanging in the breeze!

The Gold Eater (The Gold Chronicles) - D. Girard Watson


There is no third book damnit.

I'm never going to know what happened.  :  (


Did David survive the weird mind splitting thing he did or not?


Does the Calliope make it back in time to warn the American govt?

Do the Spanish get the upper hand in the war against the Americans?

Does the Empress smack them both?


Do David and Lara get together?

Or is he stuck fending off the nutty rich girl and her daddy on his own.


THIS is why I rarely start a series unless I know it's finished.

Argh!  sigh

Stupid TBR challenge.

I'm so confused.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - Douglas Adams


Life on Earth has been saved and I have no idea how.


Time travel was involved.

And, I think The Ryme of the Ancient Mariner, which I am not familiar with.

Or maybe the poem about Roland (Xanadu??), which I am also not familiar with.

And a dodo and an albatross.

And music.


So what was the point of the sofa.

And what about Mozart?


Ya know... guh.

That was an exhausting read.

And I have no idea what it was.

Cthulu lives!


The mask the boy wanted me to crochet.

Hubby thought the cross in the back was a nice touch.  LOL

Highly entertaining vampires

— feeling haha
Bill The Vampire (The Tome of Bill) - Rick Gualtieri


"Sally again shook her head. "Also not his style. He likes to make a big scene. A showdown, like he set up on the phone, is just the kind of thing he loves to do. Fucker's probably been sporting an erection about it ever since he left here."


"Okay," I replied.  "And thank you for that imagery, by the way. Now I have a picture in my head of him clubbing to death with his dick." "



I laughed like a loon over that passage. 


I wish I would have read this sooner.

Thankfully, there are more!


This may have just toasted my Mt. TBR challenge resolution.

The Robots of Dawn - Isaac Asimov

I like Mr. Asimov a lot, but he could have cut this book almost in half if he hadn't droned on and on and on and on about the sexual habits of the three planets.  


Jeez. We get it.


On Solaria even being in the same room with another person is vomit inducing distasteful so sex is for procreation only, therefor a chore to get through as fast as possible.

Why they don't just go with artificial insemination every time I don't know.


On Aurora sex is so casual there is no longer any emotions attached to it.

Calling someone jealous for sexual reasons is one of the highest forms of insult you can give.


Earth is mostly monogamous.


It felt like it took half the book to tell us that.


And his sex scene would have been better if he had consulted a romance writer.  

Or just did a fade to black.  :  )

What happened to the cows!

The Keeper - Bill Stenlake


Very confusing, needs extensive editing.

Half the time I had no idea what was going on or what people were talking about.



I only finished because I wanted to know what happened to the cows.

The author made a big deal of them when the farm was first mentioned (at least it seemed so to me).


Apparently they just go poof.  :  (

I'm at about 50% and so far it has been nothing but court gossip.

Two Years in the Forbidden City - The Princess Der Ling


Clothes, jewelry, jealousy among the ladies in waiting (or whatever the term is for the Chinese court), shoes, food, hair, following the Empress around because she wants a pinic over here, more butt kissing than you can shake a stick at. 


Surprise over the eunuchs not being happy in their stations as lower than slaves.

I'm sorry, if someone cut your dick off I don't think you would be particularly pleased to serve them either.





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