Tainted Blood - Ferrel D. Moore


Russian spies, mafia and I think govt agents in Detroit all hunting some guy who either has a werewolf type creature or is one.  


As a storyline, sounded interesting.  But I seriously don't think Russian agents, or any agents for that matter, act and speak like that except for maybe James Bond doing a cliche impression of Al Capone as the Godfather.


I don't think so.


I deleted it from my Kindle before noting how far I made it, but it wasn't far.  LOL



Spellbound & bingo #4

The Paper Magician - Charlie N. Holmberg


Magic origami.  That would be cool talent to learn.   If you lived somewhere dry or only did magic outside in the middle of summer.  

I wonder how he kept his paper garden from constantly dissolving.



Thank you, I think. LOL

I'm not finding the post and I don't remember who posted about the Kindle books credit deal. (sorry :  (  )


But I'm in a spin about which books to buy!  Too many choices!

Poe - Free space

Devil's Night: A Halloween Short Story - Richard Chizmar


A nice little murder mystery.  I'm not sure why it was listed under horror.


Using this one for the Free Space since it won't fit in anything else I have free.

Which. I think, finally gives me 2 bingos!



Diverse Voices

The Changeling - Victor LaValle


It always takes him a good bit to get to the scary/creepy stuff, but the wait is always worth it.



This was an interesting interpretation of the Norse legend/myth of the trolls.

I don't think trolls were involved in swapping babies though.  I always thought that was faeries.


It seems to start out as a kidnapping & child murder ring thriller, then Kablam!  we're in fairy tale mode. I think the transition happens when he's on the island, but it seemed a bit abrupt.


Some parts were a bit head scratching, and we never do find out when the baby was switched.  

His mother taking multiple times to finally come out with the truth about his father made me want to slap her.


It also makes you realize just how pervasive technology has become and just how much privacy people have willing given up without even realizing it.



More icky than scary Horror

Mother - Patrick Logan


Not quite sure about how the babies were conceived, but the whole process with the milk is gross.  This was a nicely suspenseful story.  It doesn't get icky til the end.


I was going to use it for Spellbound, but i don't think coming back from the dead, possession, and whatever the weird stuff at the end was quite counts and whitchcrafty stuff.


King of Fear

The Troop - Nick Cutter


Noooooo!!  Not Newt!  

I hope everyone involved rots in a dark cell somewhere.  They didn't even try!
They never found Kent.  I wonder how far they have spread and when they will be discovered.



**Stephen King says, “The Troop scared the hell out of me, and I couldn’t put it down. This is old-school horror at its best.”


This would work for a lot of the squares, but especially for Creepy Crawlies.

Reading progress update: I've read 77%.

The Troop - Nick Cutter


Man, this is making my skin crawl.  I feel like I need a shower.  Eck! shudder


I'm pretty certain, considering some of the things Shelley has done as a child, that someone would have noticed that he just might be a psychopath.

And I'm really pissed off about Ephraim.
And I'm torn over Kent.  He was growing into a bully, but I don't think he deserved that.

Terror in a Small Town

Them - William W. Johnstone


And this started out so well.


Brain shaped entities from outer space come to enslave humanity for a few hundred years while helping them improve. Unfortunately, there is a mutiny underway, and two factions of the aliens fight for dominance in the little village of Sandy Run.


An interesting premise to what I thought was going to be a fun romp though B horror land.
No such luck.


We gradually degenerate to a continuous lecture about bullying and how stupid the human race is. Granted humans seem to have a built in tendency towards bullying, and we're not the brightest things going, but come on. We're not in the principles office. The stilted writing, constant lecturing, and the name calling comes across as juvenile and immature, like it was written by middle schooler. The head brain thing just comes across as arrogant and holier than thou, completely unwilling to see any side but his own.

The whole book is the reader basically getting lectured to about bullying by a bully and an overbearing parent turn and turn about. Sometimes in the same conversation.


1 star because the scenes with Sid and the paranoid old man in the swamp, and Dickie and Lou Ann stealing Sids patrol car made me laugh. Unfortunately they came towards the end.


Reading progress update: I've read 21%.

Them - William W. Johnstone


The brain from outer space likes John Wayne and Clint Eastwood westerns.

Reading progress update: I've read 11%.

Them - William W. Johnstone


Mmmmmm...  cheeeeese...


Talking tentacled brains that can read your mind.

Slasher Stories

Dark Places - Gillian Flynn


I don't know who messed with Patty's head enough to bring her to that decision.  Maybe no one and she was always someone who just never quite felt good enough. Which made her a victim waiting to happen.


Which Ben seemed to inherit which allowed Diondra to twist him around.  Some one should have tattooed Bad Seed on her forehead at an early age.  Maybe cunt would have been more descriptive for that little twat.


Libby's not a likeable person either, even if the therapists might have been the ones to cause some of her emotional issues.  She just seemed incredibly an incredibly self centered entitled little brat even at 30 yrs old.


I think the only character I liked was Aunt Diane. Straightforward, no hidden agenda, always there for her sister but not in an self sacrificing way.

And maybe the Angel of Debt.  

Everyone else seemed to have zero redeeming qualities.  Including the kids.


Modern Masters of Horror

Sacrifice - Russell  James

 edit:  I had this one slated for Terror in a Small Town, but it takes place on Long Island, and I really don't think that counts as a small town unless you go back 200 years.


A group of friends get together 30 years after graduation to finish driving away the vengeful ghost? spirit? of a man who was brutally killed by towns people over 200 years ago and is now stalking their children.  They screwed it royally the first time around.


And I want more information on the amulets!  This I think would have set it farther from just a retelling of It.  


and some other story I'm unable to pull from the depths, but it involves a group of families being haunted through the years because of something their ancestors did.


It felt like the story was just skimming the surface.

Not particularly scary or suspenseful, especially since the author keeps giving stuff away way too early. 

I can't remember what square I was going to use this for, so I will update the post when I get back to the big computer. 


A Grimm Tale

Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1) - Marissa Meyer


I thought the step mother in the original was horrid. Geez Adri's a bitch.
Is the dr supposed to be the fairy godmother?  Every time a new character was introduced I kept trying to assign them a role from the original story.  


I would like to know why cyborgs are looked upon with such contempt.  If it was mentioned, I missed it.



Stone Cold Horror

Terror on the Tundra - J. Esker Miller


Wolf dogs bigger than a Kodiak bear have stumbled into a tiny northern Alaskan village.

They are almost invisible in the snow and they are hungry.

The back story of the wolf is interesting, though I don't know how plausible it is.


And what the hell happened to self centered asshole Grimes?  Maybe he got eaten.



Southern Gothic

Wickers Bog: A Tale of Southern Gothic Horror - Mike Duran


Sirens aren't just for sailors.


This made me think of The Legend Of Wooley Swamp by the Charlie Daniels Band.


Well, if you ever go back into Wooley Swamp, well, you better not go at night
There's things out there in the middle of them woods
That'd make a strong man die from fright
Things that crawl and things that fly
Things that creep around on the ground
And they say the ghost of Lucius Clay gets up and he walks around


I always feel guilty reading short stories.


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