What no man may know nor woman tell

Harvest Home: A Novel - Thomas Tryon


Full of creepy atmosphere and secret doings.

Almost everyone seems just a little too content.




The Lion, the Lamb, the Hunted - Andrew E. Kaufman


Who was behind the murders is easy.

The why's and wherefore's not so much, but were thankfully less twisted than what I had running my head.  


I don't understand why his mother kept Patrick drugged though.

Unless she just hated him that much.

Actually, there's not much I fully comprehend about Patricks childhood, mainly why no one noticed anything odd despite his mothers explanations.


There's no romance, but the interaction with the female (whats-her-name  LOL) reporter did not come off as believable given what we know of Patricks childhood.


Not the smoothest flowing book I've ever read, but the story is good.



Baker Street Irregulars

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs


Fairies, changelings, witches, circus/carnival 'oddities'.

Just children with odd paranormal abilities abandoned by their parents and now in hiding.


I'm not sure if I like Miss. Peregrine or not.  

Not letting the children change at all seems a bit odd.  

Locking everyone locatable from the same year into a loop, which has apparently been going on since the dawn of time - maybe I'm missing something.


I am looking forward to book 2 though.  AFTER the bingo game.




Witch Is When It All Began - Adele Abbott


I found the story of her finding out she's a witch more interesting than who committed the murders.



Can our intrepid friends save the world?

The Last Coven - Rick Gualtieri




The last battle to prevent the first vampire? mage?  from controlling the world is upon us. 

And if she's defeated, Alexander the Great wants the job.  (asshole)

If they take out him, Ghenghis Kahns granddaughter (?) is ready to step in and fullfil her perceived destiny.  (little psycho whack job)


At least ass kissing smarmy Colin gets what's coming to him.


Some royal ass kicking (everyone gets to participate), some sadness, a nice interpretation of the origin of the vampire myth, and a nice creepy WTF! Ah shit!  at the end.



Spent some time agonizing where to put this one.  I decided on Spellbound because of the whole origin thing.




The Wicked Dead - Rick Gualtieri


Bill and his his friends are sent on a suicide mission because Alexander the Great is an egotistical  megalomaniacal asshole.


Bill, however, is finally growing up.  Sorta.



Clash of the titans! LOL

Half a Prayer - Rick Gualtieri




The group of misfits go up against shape shifting rock monsters that can transform your dead body into a new shape shifting rock monster.


Deep in the sewers of Las Vegas.


Then on to defending themselves against the egomaniac that is the leader of the vampires, namely Alexander the Great.


As the rock monsters swarm the proceedings in a bid for supremacy, Genghis Kahns granddaughter (great granddaughter?) shows up to fight beside her beloved Bill because she's insistent that he can't die until her marries her.


We still don't know where Dave took off to.


These are really throwing off my tentatively scheduled reads, so, as Bill would say, fuck it!  LOL


Still bumbling and mostly clueless

Goddamned Freaky Monsters - Rick Gualtieri


Bill inadvertently resurrects a 2,000 year old barbarian cultish vampire warrior by dropping his dessicated head of with his friend Dave because he knows Dave will get a kick out of it and maybe stop trying to use Bill for experiments.  Nice going.


No one knows exactly what happened to Ed, but he can no longer be 'turned'.


Bit of a cliffhanger with this one. Who's in the box!  (I feel like Brad Pitt at the end of Seven)


I don't know why I read this one as I didn't have slotted for a square, except that it was on my Kindle, and it was fun, so I'm going to use it for Genre: Horror since I don't have anything specific chosen for that square.



Reading progress update: I've read 28%.

Goddamned Freaky Monsters - Rick Gualtieri


I love this series by Mr. Gualtieri.

Bill may be nerdy and juvenile, but this series calls to the 12 year old in me.  LOL


Still trying to save the world from monsters with no clue and currently only his Dungeons & Dragons master to help.  Who lives for messing with Bills character and using him for experiments about vampires.  Priorities, man!  Bribery at it's finest.  

His landlord accidentally and unknowingly toasted the vampire mice and freaked out, so we'll see what's up next.


— feeling angry
Dweller - Jeff Strand


I can't decide if Toby is mostly pathetic, or just an asshole.


The way he treated Owen as a convenience and as a cool thing he owned had me pissed off through most of the story.


It rarely seemed to occur to him that Owen might be miserable and lonely.


That was fun!

Video Night: A Novel of Alien Horror - Adam Cesare


If you like the 80's horror/alien invasion movies this one is highly entertaining.

A nice balance of humor and gore, teens trying to save the day with frozen food.


Makes me think of a mash up of Mars Attacks and The Thing with a little They Live and Alien tossed in.



I didn't see that coming.

Pig Island - Mo Hayder



It was all her!  I think.

And we never find out WHY!  Though we can guess.


A religious group buys an island and cuts themselves off from the rest of the world. 

Then divides up the island because they think their leader has broken a rule and gone nutty after his wife dies.

Or maybe nuttier.  Couple of opportunistic whack jobs from the get go.


It felt a bit choppy and disjointed, but a nice slow burn to the end.



Reading progress update: I've read 50%.

Pig Island - Mo Hayder



Weirdly disjointed writing.  Not bad, but, just, odd.

I can FEEL the whole creepy spooky buildup, but I keep losing it. *sob*




but so far a good story.

It might help if I understood Scottish slang better.


I'm not promoting domestic violence, but at this point in the story I think the wife needs to be slapped.

Christ she's a fucking whiner.


Don't be worshipping no toads!

House Beneath the Bridge - Iain Rob Wright


This has a nice love story at it's base.  Not a romance, but two people figuring how they lost each other.


The rest is creepy house(s) suspended in time, a cursed village, and a monster monk.

And the toad king.


Remember what I said about more mature?  We had a little backsliding.  Not bad, but at one point he gleefully, and repeatedly, mentions a testicle slicer.




All in all, a good story of the supernatural with plenty of humor thrown in.


Reading progress update: I've read 60%.

House Beneath the Bridge - Iain Rob Wright


Father Cotton got up from the pews. "The first thing you need to do is listen carefully, but first I shall fetch us more tea."

   "Make mine a strong one," said Patrick.

   "I'm afraid I only have decaf."

   "Jesus Christ," said Patrick.  "This really is Hell."


I'm with ya there pal.  LOL


I've read other stuff by Mr. Wright, most notably his A-Z Horror short stories.

One of which scared my socks off.


This one is a little more 'mature' than most of his other stuff I've read.  LOL

He's always fun though.




Jaws on steroids.

By Steve Alten MEG: A Novel of Deep Terror [Mass Market Paperback] - Steve Alten


The image of being able to stand up inside a sharks stomach is a bit mind boggling and thoroughly gross.


The idea of anything that could eat a blue whale in half dozen bites swimming in the ocean is terrifying.


Makes a great white look like an aquarium pet in comparison. 



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