Kill Your Darlings (Yellow team)

World of Trouble: The Last Policeman Book III - Ben H. Winters


It never occurred to me to indicate what team i was on.

Fixed.  : )


After some thought, I'm going to use this one for a Victim card.

Henry rarely, if ever steps on the bad side, sometimes to his own detriment.





Henry is incredibly single minded.

His sister got duped big time.

As long he's sniffing out 'stuff' Cortez is happy a as a clam most of the time. 

Henry was smart enough to leave the dog behind safe with an Amish family.


At least the whining didn't last long.


I can only use one at a time unless I'm collecting, so I'm going to hold this one for a bit.

Kill Your Darlings (Yellow team)

Countdown City  - Ben H. Winters


77 days left til the end of the world as we know it and he feels fine.

LOL  Couldn't resist.


An old baby sitter from his childhood wants him to track down her missing husband.


People are just up and dropping everything to do wish fulfillment stuff, but she thinks Henry can track this guy down because she thinks he's just off doing something silly and noble and he just needs to be asked to come home.  


He isn't even on the police force anymore.


Henry is way too nice for his own good.

I don't think the word no exists for him unless he's talking to his sister, and even then it's iffy.




Guess for Cause of Death:  shot with an arrow


Reading progress update: I've read 20%.

World of Trouble: The Last Policeman Book III - Ben H. Winters


Hey! Hey!

It’s my lucky day!

Another whiner!


Henry started out so nicely.


Book 1 was mostly just doing his job:

It’s the end of the world and we know it, and i feel fine.


Book 2 kinda morphed into

I’ll be your candle on the water

or maybe

You’re the wind beneath my wings

Depending on if you think about him or the lady who asked him to find her missing husband.



He’s trying to find his sister.

He’s whining.

Everything is his fault.

Even though he wasn’t even there.


His flaky sister went all conspiracy and took off , she asked him to come with her even though he’s half bled out from a gunshot wound to the artery in the upper arm. She apparently didn’t care that he’ll die if they don’t get him to a hospital.

His fault - he left her.


The nutty chick in the abandoned clothing store.

His fault because he was there a couple weeks before looking for info and the asshole running the place abandoned her.


Girl in a clearing with her throat sliced.

His fault because he wasn't there earlier to prevent it.


I can blame him for the dog being injured (a feisty little bichon friese) since he should have left it behind, but come on.

Kill Your Darlings (Yellow team)

The Last Policeman  - Ben H. Winters


Strangely compelling story about the world about the year leading up to an asteroid strike.


The only officer left who seems to actually want to do his job while everyone else is taking off to do whatever.


Guess for Cause of Death:  Crushed in a bad tesseract



Kill Your Darlings (Yellow team)

Skitter - Ezekiel Boone


Man I feel like a need a HOT shower.


If the idiots wanting to bomb everything have their way there won't be anything left to come back to.


Guess for Suspect:  Stephen King


Reading progress update: I've read 69%.

Skitter - Ezekiel Boone


Giant man eating spiders.  

Some are softball sized.



Apparently the sound of a softball sized spider being stepped on is crushing potato chips then gushing yogurt.  ACK!


I can't decide who would survive a spider apocalypse.

Those who aren't creeped out because they think spiders are cool (they are as long as they aren't ON ME or in my house), or those who are because no spider would get anywhere close.  DIE you creepy thing!


I feel like I need a HOT shower and a flamethrower.


Going anywhere where there might be spiders is going to be unpleasant for a couple days after I finish this.  And I have spiders everywhere here on the farm.

In the barn, in the coops, in the garden, in the trees, on the fences and gates, the outdoor patio, in the grass.


Thank god it's still too cold for most except the cellar spiders in the garage.

That's what husbands and sons are for.  LOL



Kill Your Darlings (Yellow team)

Meat Camp - J.T. Warren, Scott Nicholson


Adapted from Scott Nicholson’s original horror screenplay.

I hope the movie was better.


A fun story about last chance kids going zombie.

The goat made me laugh.

We never do find out exactly what caused it though.

The moldy biscuits?  Then what about the dog?


Not for the squeamish.





Reading progress update: I've read 63%.

Meat Camp - J.T. Warren, Scott Nicholson



The cook is cooking up his own intestines while they're still attached.

EEEwww!!    LOL

And he's worried about the biscuits going moldy.


I really need to read more by this author.

Kill Your Darlings (Yellow team)

Blood of Dragons - Robin Hobb


Yay!  Kalo ate Hest!  I hope Kalo didn't get indigestion.

A most amusing scene.

Too bad Alise and Sedric don't get the satisfaction of knowing that asshole got eaten and is permanently out of their lives.


Cause of Death: 





Kill Your Darlings

City of Dragons  - Robin Hobb


Less whining all around in this one.


Alise is growing up, and I hope Hest drowns.

Sintara is more arrogant than ever - if I was Thymara I'd tell her to piss off now that she can hunt on her own.


Crime Scene:  near a tor,  Dartmoor


Dragon Haven  - Robin Hobb



Can't this woman write characters who don't sound whiny!  


I am enjoying this whole series a lot, but geez.


Reading progress update: I've read 40%.

Dragon Haven  - Robin Hobb


Yay! The little copper ate Jess!


The female dragon keepers are expected to be brood mares.

Fuck you.

Reading progress update: I've read 36%.

Dragon Haven  - Robin Hobb


No! Not the little copper!

I'm going to pissed off more at Sedric if he allows Jess to butcher her.

The man needs to grow a backbone and stop whining.

Fool's Fate - Robin Hobb


I'm glad Fitz got a happy ever after, but it felt like it just trailed off anticlimactically into the sunset.


The Fools poem made me want to cry.

The Golden Fool (The Tawny Man, #2) - Robin Hobb


I don't know whether to feel sorry for Fitz or not.


Like when Chade is angry because Fitz expected there to be strings attached to him helping with Haps apprenticeship.

Of course he thought so – there have been strings attached to almost everything in his life.


Or when Chade assumes Fitz knows everything about the Skill despite knowing Fitz was never trained and even knowing what Galen did to him.


Fitz has been badly used for other peoples purposes with rarely a thought to how he might feel.


Then he goes in full whining mode and I just want to slap him.


Old or not, I think Chade is just an asshole.

The Liveship trilogy

Ship of Destiny (Liveship Traders, #3) - Robin Hobb



Sentient sailing ships, pirates and dragons - an excellent combination.


The interactions surrounding Paragon were irritating. For people who spend generations centered on their liveships they sure treat him disdainfully without even trying to figure out why he is the way is. Especially coming from Althea - for someone who supposedly understands liveships so well, she treats them more as objects than beings with feelings.


This is the first time I've encountered dragons written as such self centered, egotistical assholes.  LOL


The wrap up felt a bit rushed, but most of the loose ends were tied up.

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