Reading progress update: I've read 90%.

Devil's Island - Mark Lukens


We have a possessed house this time.  Or maybe the entire island.


Most of the groups activities have been fairly intelligent as they try to get proof of paranormal activity.  Although, I would not have been anywhere NEAR as patient with Nick not giving the full story of why he brought them there, or for him taking so long to give the promised background.  


The gate has been locked (skulduggery!), they find out the salt trick really does work at least a little on the demon/entity/whatever (YAY!), and they rescue Nigel from it's clutches.


Apparently, however, the 2 sent to cut the chain off the gate have forgotten, or it didn't occur to them, that healthy humans are usually faster than zombies, and water dissolves salt.


Instead of running back to the porch after the opening the gate and pouring their salt circles, they do it in the pouring rain in the midst of a tropical storm.

Halloween Bingo 2018 update

10/27/2018:  One to go!


10/25/2018:  7!


With yesterdays call, and finishing the Classic Horror square, I have 4!


 Bingo!  (actually yesterday, but I didn't get it posted)




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Fear the Drowning Deep:  Meg  by Steve Alton

Supernatural:  House Beneath the bridge  by Iain Rob Wright

Terrifying Women:  Pig Island by Mo Hayder

Slasher Stories: Video Night: A Novel of Alien Horror by Adam Cesare

Cryptozoologist:  Dweller  by Jeff Strand

Genre: Horror:  Goddamned Freaky Monsters by Rick Gualtieri 

Shifters:  Half a Prayer  by Rick Gualtieri 

Deadlands:  The Wicked Dead  by Rick Gualtieri   

Spellbound:  The Last Coven  by Rick Gualtieri

Cozy Mystery:  Witch is When It All Began by Adele Abbott

Baker Street Irregulars: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Suspense:  The Lion, the Lamb, the Hunted by  Andrew E. Kaufman

Gothic:  Harvest Home  by Tryon Thomas

Ghost Stories:  No One Gets Out Alive  by Adam Nevill

Southern Gothic:  Usher's Passing  by  Robert R. McCammon

Doomsday:  The Gates  by Iain Rob Wright

Modern Masters of Horror: Legion  by Iain Rob Wright

Free space:  Extinction  by Iain Rob Wright

A Grimm Tale:  Hunted  by Meagan Spooner

Creepy Carnivals:  The Traveling Vampire Show  by Richard Laymon

13:  Demon's Play  by David McBride

Relics and Curiosities:  The Skin Game by William Meikle

Classic Horror:  Benighted by J.B. Priestly

Terror in a Small Town:  Blackwater Val  by  William Gorman

New Release:  The Nightmare Room  by Chris Sorensen

New Release

The Nightmare Room - Chris Sorensen


Holy shit!

I thought this was just going to be the usual ho hum but creepy haunted house story to fill in my last square. 


It seems to start that way, but culminates in an intense (what is real and what isn't?) and very satisfying ending.


For me, this ranks up there with watching The Amityville Horror the first time (I was very young and about shit my pants)with shades of The Shining and The Conjuring tossed in.


Poor clueless Riggs get's left behind drunk in a hotel room.  LOL


Terror in a Small Town

Blackwater Val - William Gorman


A fallen angel turned demon, a witch, a haunted house and ghosts.

Creepy goings on, the damned and the saved.

A little family of 3 to save them all.

Well, most of them.


Never judge a book by it's cover.

That person sitting next to you that seems oh so sweet as pie could be the devil incarnate.

The person you wouldn't give the time of day to could be an angel in disguise.


A slow start, with parts I either missed, or thought had no bearing on the story, coming together in an amazing ending.  With light bulbs going off in my head.  OH! That guy!  LOL

In case anyone one needs to know, the dogs survives.  Good girl!


DNF at 65%

Trollnight - Peter Tremayne


Another one down the drain.


The only thing that keeps this from being as bad as the last one is i don't know enough about Norway and the people and their myths/legends, to know how badly the author is butchering them.  I do know it's boring and annoying.


 The cover is cool though.

DNF at 27%

Relic of the Damned: The Coming - T A Bradley


That's it!  Done! The End! Fin! I can't take it anymore!  This is book is as annoying as it gets.

It might be my mood, but I think the book really does just suck.  


I hope everybody gets eaten. Or possessed.  Or butchered.  Or whatever.


Especially everyone who attempts to speak with a southern accent even though they're from Pennsylvania. 

Or acts redneck country even though they live in a suburb of Philadelphia.

Sorry guys, not even close .


I don't think I made it far enough to use for a square (nonexistent though it is) so i'm just chuckin' it.

Classic Horror

Benighted - J.B. Priestley


Creepy and atmospheric, but the mood keeps getting broken by interior and exterior delving into personal thoughts and matters.  That just seemed to go on forever.  The horse is dead people.



Relics and Curiosities

The Midnight Eye Files: The Skin Game - William Meikle


A manky old belt made of fur can change a person into a werewolf.


We never really find out how or why except the belt was made in the 1400's? by a magician or alchemist.


The story takes us from Glasgow, Scotland to a remote ranch in Novia Scotia.


Not too heavy, though the main character tries too hard to sound like one the famous detectives from the old black and white movies and dime store stories, like from the Maltese Falcon.  He doesn't quite pull it off.



Reading progress update: I've read 88%.

The Midnight Eye Files: The Skin Game - William Meikle


"Hey, ya wee jobby. Gonnae come over here and have a square go ya bampot."


I love non-U.S. slang.  LOL

This one is Scottish.

At least this time i know what it means.


Demon's Play - David  McBride


Some of the 13 earth bound tribes of demons apparently either want to start a war, or want to work out an agreement so they aren't demonized (pun sort of intended  :  )  )so much by by the paranormal population, or something.

So, they summon one of their Dukes from the demon realm to make a deal with the supernatural Council.


A lot of information seems to be left out, or glossed over.  I want to know more!


Frank was assigned to protect the Duke, without realizing he's also the one he's trying to fight.  A weird convoluted situation that was set up by the head of the council in an attempt to get the earth bound tribes to cut the shit and to prevent any more from coming through the portals.


A bit disjointed on this front obviously, but overall a fun read.  A scene with demonic leeches eating his car made me laugh.  

I picked it up in 2012, so apparently the author isn't doing a sequel.  Damn.



Creepy Carnival

The Traveling Vampire Show - Richard Laymon


3 best friends spend the day trying to figure out how to get in to see the female vampire in a traveling side show.  They spend the day freaking out over weird happenings.  Things get weirder when they get to the show.


I don't think the sister-in-law, Lee, was very realistically written, even considering this takes place in 1963.  Or maybe because it takes place in 1963.  And the clothing described sounded more late 70's early 80's to me.  Although I'm not up on what was fashionable in the early 60's.


This one felt like Laymon was trying for a Robert McCammon feel. He didn't do half bad in my opinion.


However, he managed to pack 3 days worth of activities into the hours between 9am and midnight of one day.  Maybe everyone was the Flash.



Reading progress update: I've read 21%.

The Traveling Vampire Show - Richard Laymon


Dwight's mowing the yard and he's sweating so the sun is up, friends show up, they sneak out to the forbidden field to try and get an early peek at the show, get attacked and treed by a dog that is either rabid or has been shot in the head (or something else) once they get there, one heads back to town for rescue, comes back and they aren't there, goes back to town, finishes mowing the yard, Slim hasn't shown up yet but mom comes home.


And it's only lunch time.

And it's apparently at least an hours walk to this field.


Man, I wish I could get that much done by lunchtime.


And there's no corn!

A Grimm Tale

Hunted - Meagan Spooner


I was going to read a retelling of Sleepy Hollow, but this one caught my eye.  Shiny!


A nice change to the retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

The original was never one of my favorite fairy tales - too syrupy, although part of that might be influence of Disney. In my opinion they made them fun, but basically gutted them.

This one was much better.



Free square

Extinction: An Apocalyptic Horror Novel - Iain Rob Wright


This one doesn't really fit anywhere, so I'm going to use it for the Free square.


Some weird stuff with the angels at the end there, unless Damien is something else.  I feel like we were told about him, like his chapter at the end was a continuation of his story, but I don't remember him showing up.


We're not left with much hope.  Some, maybe enough, but not a lot.


And I want to know what happened to Alice, 'cause that was a shitty thing to do to her.

And do the 3 amigos ever make it back?



Modern Masters

Legion: An Apocalyptic Horror Novel (Hell on Earth Book 2) - Iain Rob Wright


I got sucked into another series.


This one is a little repetitive, as most of it is the same story as the previous book except told from a different characters point of view.  Tedious in some cases, like the ship captains, interesting in others, as in the case of Vamps and his buddies.


New information is added as well from other characters so it's not a complete re-telling, as well as a GLARING contradiction from Daniel.


In book one, unless I'm mis-remembering (which is possible as numbers have a tendency to be floaty unless I wrestle them down and chain them up), there were 6,000 gates scattered across the world.  According to THE SAME GUY, there are 666 to correspond with the Adversaries of God, which have nothing to do with the angels that were banned from heaven. 


We'll see if the number changes in book 3.




The Gates: An Apocalyptic Horror Novel - Iain Rob Wright


God had placed and sealed 6,000 'gates' on Earth after chucking Lucifer and his minions out of heaven.  


Lucifer and The Red Lord (we don't know who that is) have somehow managed to open them and they still hate humanity and want to see us wiped from the face of the earth.



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