Halloween Bingo

The Keep - F. Paul Wilson


Not quite a vampire in the traditional sense, but a nice tale about where the vampires legends may have originated.


This one takes place during WWII in Romania.


Since I already filled my vampire square, I will use this one for my Free square.


Halloween Bingo: 80's horror

A Crying Shame - William W. Johnstone


The missing link may have been found in a swamp in Louisiana.

And they need women.


A mercenary hired to wipe them out finds himself without a boss and falling for the ex-boss's sister.

Love blossoms among the blood, guts and gore.

But this is not a romance.



Halloween Bingo: Magical realism

Codex Born - Jim C. Hines


Finding out more about Gutenberg - the supposed creator of libromancy.

Maybe he wasn't so altruistic after all.

We learn more about Lena the dryad.


The devourers are getting stronger.

Magic metal bugs and animals, I felt sorry for the wendigos (go figure), and pissed off werewolves.


Being able to use the magic of belief contained in books would be the coolest super power ever.


I don't like spiders, but I want Smudge.

And maybe a pet miniature dragon.



Halloween Bingo: Vampires

In the Shadow of the Mountains - M.R. Graham


Sometimes they're hiding in plain sight and they're not all bloodthirsty maniacs.


Why this one isn't we are not told.

Apparently it has something to do with his sister.






Halloween Bingo: Monsters

Gecko - Ken Douglas


After the 'there's no way' unbelievability of the actions of the police officer(s), it picks up nicely into overcoming a supernatural 2 in 1 entity of Maori lore from New Zealand.




Reading progress update: I've read 58%.

Gecko - Ken Douglas


What started out fun has deteriorated into incredibly irritating.


This may be a DNF - there are less annoying monster stories out there.


And if he calls geckos slimy lizard things one more time I'm going to scream.

(I'd throw  it across the room, but I can't afford a replacement Kindle at the moment)

They may be related to lizards, but they are not slimy.

That would be a newt.


Halloween Bingo: American horror story

The Red Church - Scott Nicholson


The sins of the father passed down 4 generations.

An old cult has been hiding in the shadows, and it's time for the old families to make their sacrifices.


Although, how she gave birth to the little girl and then Archer I'm not sure.

She would have to be WELL over 140 yrs old.

Maybe I missed something.


Whatever this thing is it seems to just periodically show up somewhere in the world to entertain itself. 



Halloween Bingo: Terror in a small town

Torment - Brett McBean


Strangers beware.

Here there be monsters.

And not the type that reside under the bed.


Ancient voo doo in a small Georgia town comes up against modern day sadists? psychos? assholes? tyrants? and murderers who control the town.


I'm not quite sure I understand all the logistics, but shouldn't Darlene be dead?

And tin cans don't have on and off lids - not sure how that was working out.


And what about the animals?


The leaders fate was very satisfactory.  Fuckwad..



Halloween Bingo: Serial/spree killer

White Bones (Katie Maguire) - Graham Masterton


13 special women boned out alive (ack!) to raise the witch Morgana who will grant you whatever you request.


It took them 80 years, and they came so close.


I thought it was one of the officers working with the America woman - who it actually was turned out to be almost a surprise.  I only had it half right.


Banned Book Week Sept 24-30

Read a banned or challenged book this week!

Most of Stephen King's older stuff is on a list, so you might even be able to fill a bingo square.



Halloween Bingo: Haunted Houses

Drummer Boy - Scott Nicholson


Some wars never end.

And deserters eventually have to face justice.

Sometimes the ghosts really can hurt you.


A small town in South Carolina (I think) becomes a recruitment site during a Civil War re-enactment festival.


After everything Hardy went through, I wonder if Donny ever recovered.


Halloween Bingo: Aliens

Tritium Gambit - Erik Hyrkas


Could use some editing, but a fun read.


Hallucinogenic vines that come in every flavor imaginable.

Giant killer venomous snakes that can be controlled by little porcupine people.


If Max's metabolism runs that high, he should have been dead by starvation ages ago.


More gore than usual for science fiction, but wendigo's can be messy eaters.



Reading progress update: I've read 63%.

Tritium Gambit - Erik Hyrkas



Aliens and some humans are guarding Earth as it matures, similar to The Men in Black.


Wendigos are aliens from outerspace.


However, our hero has so far managed to keep a hold of his towel.



Halloween Bingo: Diverse Voices

The Old Forrestal Place (An Anthology of Short Horror Stories) - Jesse Tan


Everything is haunted!

And everyone gets possessed, I think. 

Or something.


What idiot thought rebuilding the town so close to the previous one was a good idea?

And Ellen should never have some back - I wouldn't have set foot in that house again after what happened.


I felt very sorry for Dylan.

He was willing to help but there was nothing he could do.


Zero sympathy for the chick who climbed into the well.


Quite a bit packed into this little serial.

I picked up the individual stories as she released them - I would suggest going with the anthology instead of the individual stories though.

Having to stop and open the next one interrupts the flow.




Halloween Bingo: Th Dead Will Walk

Dead Sea - Brian Keene


Fleeing a dying city 2 men and 2 children manage to hop a ride with about 15 others on a decomissioned but still functional coast guard ship.

Along with 2 nasty pieces of work that had nothing to do with the zombies.


I know a couple others had this one que'ed, so I'm not how much I can say without spoilers.





Reading progress update: I've read 80%.

Dead Sea - Brian Keene


Handy dandy hunter tip if you ever find yourself in the zombie apocalypse with a shotgun:


Bird shot is useless.


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