Stranger Things

Darkly the Thunder - William W. Johnstone


Time loops and entities from the unknown.  Whose theorized origins seems a bit far fetched, but considering some of the stuff I read who am I to scoff.  

The thing is stuck in the 50s, and apparently doesn't like Mexicans.  Unless it's just the sheriff. Be prepared for some 12 year old style name calling/racial slurs. Most of the time it sounds like a middle schooler.

The story of a man whose truth needs to be told before the world spirals completely past the point of no return on the redemption scale.


Plenty gore, with enough humor to to make some scenes come across as completely absurd.



Reading progress update: I've read 12%.

Darkly the Thunder - William W. Johnstone

Along with a couple pretty nasty murders, we have some weird happenings in a small town in CO. Mostly something foul mouthed over all the radios, telephones, pretty much anything with a speaker.


"Weirder than your funky, filthy radio station?" Lt. Smith asked.  She was still somewhat irritated about that.


"We don't have a radio station, ma'am. We had one, but it went out of business about five years ago.  What radio station have you been listening to?"


"K-U-N-T," Sgt. Preston said.


This way better than any haunted house.  LOL


The Haunting Season - Michelle Muto

That's it!  Can't take anymore.  


The premise is interesting, but the whole execution is just too juvenile.


I hope the house eats them all.



Reading progress update: I've read 37%.

The Haunting Season - Michelle Muto

Way too much teenage angst for a 'investigating the haunted house' story considering at least 2 of them are college age.


No one takes Allison seriously, the guys are trying decide who gets to chase Jesse, a weird housekeeper, and a ouija board. And a doctor of parapsychology or something to oversee it all.

Everytime it seems like the story might be going somewhere, it awkwardly dumps us out.

I swear this is written by two people who didn't read what the other wrote.


Exorcist Falls: Includes the novella Exorcist Road - Jonathan Janz

Demons and serial killers.


I don't find demons to be particularly scary.  This started out pretty much as a retelling of The Exorcist, actually referring to it more than once.  So I was prepared to be totally unimpressed. 


However, it takes a sharp turn into 'holy shit that was unexpected' after the rites are concluded.  


The serial killer part skirted heavily on the edge of unbelievable - how did he think he would get away with it for much longer? but was attention holding.  However, I suppose that something serial killers don't really consider.


And what does happen to demons that have been cast out of their human hosts?



American Horror Story

Sacrificial Grounds - Sara Clancy


Basheba, Cadwyn, Mina and Ozzie decide to take on the witch directly to try and free their families of the curse.  No one approves since apparently the yearly sacrifices keep the town prosperous.  And something nasty is guarding the woods during the 'off' seasons.   Basheba starts to skirt the edges of believability, but we also get more insight as to why she's always so filled with rage.


The end is a little abrupt, though not unsatisfying.  We have no idea if the mission was a success or not.


Not as good as the first one, but we do get more family details and some snippets that will hopefully be clarified in the next book. 


Relics and Curiosities

The Harvest: Scary Supernatural Horror with Monsters - Sara Clancy


One person from 4 different families have a possessed music box thrust upon them by a dead witch that has been stalking their families for 200 years.  They have 7 days from receipt to lock them down.  They must meet and battle the witch for the keys on her home turf. If they don't find them in time, if at all, the demon possesses them.  A long lingering death.  Age is not a consideration.  


Definitely will be reading book 2.



In the Night Wood - Dale Bailey


The writing in this is beautiful.


Careful in the woods. Sometimes people get lost.  It all starts with a not really a children's story.  

A darker telling of Horned God/Forest King in faerie lore than I have read before.



Creepy Carnivals

Dark Ride - Iain Rob Wright


What's better than a scary house of horrors carnival ride?

One that has been abandoned and is the stopping place for  a servant of Woden. 

And he needs more souls.  Six friends out for a weekend of camping and partying are just the ticket.


Waste of time

Harbinger - Rick Bass

Turned out to be just the first chapters of the first book, but it was not a sample.

And not worth buying the book.

Creepy Crawlies

Invasive Species - Joseph Wallace


Giant parasitic wasps from hell with a taste for human hosts.

I've always considered parasitic wasps to be creepy as hell with the way they constantly twitch when hunting for prey.  Imagining one big enough to prefer humans as hosts gave me the twitchies.  The author said 3 inches, but I was picturing something closer to 10.


These are also a bit smarter than your average wasp.  Capable of revenge if one of them or a larva is killed.  Thanks to modern travel, they have spread everywhere.  Can the humans fight back ans survive?



Paint it Black

Black Eyed Children (Black Eyed Children Series Book 1) - Sara Clancy


Why are horror stories about children always so creepy.   The tension in some parts of this was almost unbearable.  If someone had startled me hard enough, I'd have probably fainted.  I think the museum lady knew more than she was telling. 


Set in the Yukon in the middle of nowhere, only sled dogs for companions for 5 months in the dead of winter. A bit unbelievable that the owners would hire a city girl to watch the dogs over the winter alone, with only a generator to run lights for the dogs, wood heat and light only in the shack.


The Wailing - M.R. Graham


Some sort of vampires?  This was interesting and there does not appear to be a continuation.  He fell asleep in a coffee shop and stopped breathing.  An acquaintance woke him up and mentioned it and asked him if wanted to wake up in the morgue.  Again?  was his reply.  LOL 


Apparently it's a prequel to a prequel, that appears to have no relation to the series they prequel.



And We're off! On another Halloween Bingo ride.

The Night Mayor - Kim Newman


A prisoner 'escapes' into a Dreamworld of his own making, where it's always 2:30 am and it's always raining.  2 professional Dream creators are sent in to bring him out before he takes over the AI controlling the country? world?  not sure on that.  But they have to do it before getting sucked into the story.


If you like the old black and white murder mystery movies from the 40s & 50s, this is loaded with them.  Names, titles, slang, descriptions.  You name it.    

The story is set far in the future where now watching movies is done as Dreams. Or at least I think that's what the Dreams are, since they call old films flatties.  And apparently, these future people think that what was portrayed on film was how it was in real life.

Halloween Bingo Headstart

The Night Mayor - Kim Newman


If it doesn't work for Dark and Stormy Night it should fit elsewhere.


What was the point?

Bill, the Galactic Hero - Harry Harrison


That was a long winding rambling road to nowhere.  


Unless it was a lesson in the pointlessness of war.

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