Christmas will never be the same again (part 2)

The Undead That Saved Christmas - Lyle Perez-Tinics, S.G. Browne


I did not read the poems and songs at the end.

I'm not much into verse.


I have not looked at the comics since on my little eInk they would be tiny.

I may check those on the computer later.


As for the last half dozen or so stories in the book:



Brains Like Figgy Pudding
By Sean Hoade
Be careful what you wish for!

This one is told 'backwards', but well written.

Thew me a bit in the second chapter though.

The Santa Epidemic
By Mandy Tinics

Desperately needs an editor - did not finish

Refuse to Donate
By Angelica Raene

Too religious

By Edward J. Russell

Gingerbread men made out snot.



Overall, a nice collection of stories for $2.99.

Even if you only like half of them.