Homestead Thriller

Exciting morning at the Izzy Homestead yesterday.

Fully mature bald eagles are HUGE.

One went after one my hens.
As I was charging across the field at it, it occurred to me as I got closer that that is one huge bird.
I should grab a stick.

Then remembered I made the boys clean up the field.
No sticks.

I had a small towel so I started waving it.
It flew off (and knocked a red tail hawk off the branch it was sitting on), then I noticed a second red tail hawk waiting in the wings.

All three took off towards the ducks that I had just let out.
Wrap the towel around the hen, start running back across the field yelling for hubby to get the ducks in.

He didn't hear me clearly, so he started walking towards me, away from the ducks, as the raptors are headed for the duck pen.

Trying to yell coherently while trying to not bounce a wounded chicken while running full speed is an art I have yet to fully master.
Then you have to stop to open the gate.

He figured it out and got the ducks in just as one of the red tails flew low over the area where the ducks had just been.
The second red tail did a fly by while the eagle circled overhead.

It looks like the hen is not too badly hurt.
The only concern is the eagle tore her vent.
She will be on the patio til that hopefully heals.

Looks like everyone gets to stay inside til after I'm done milking for a while.