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Get your kids reading!
(although, I think we're preaching to the choir here)

#Readathon - Reading Rainbow's Mini-Challenge

Reblogged from Debbie's Spurts:

"Have you ever loved a book so much you didn’t want the story to end? We feel that way about a LOT of books! So your Reading Rainbow mini-challenge, should you choose to accept it, is this:


Share a book that you didn’t want to end, and

what you think the title of the sequel would be!  ..."

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 "...(If you respond on Twitter be sure to tag @ReadingRainbow and use the hashtag #ShouldveBeenASequel.) ... choose one participant to receive a prize package with a classic episode of Reading Rainbow on DVD, and a copy of LeVar Burton’s children’s book, The Rhino Who Swallowed A Storm! "