The Robots of Dawn - Isaac Asimov

I like Mr. Asimov a lot, but he could have cut this book almost in half if he hadn't droned on and on and on and on about the sexual habits of the three planets.  


Jeez. We get it.


On Solaria even being in the same room with another person is vomit inducing distasteful so sex is for procreation only, therefor a chore to get through as fast as possible.

Why they don't just go with artificial insemination every time I don't know.


On Aurora sex is so casual there is no longer any emotions attached to it.

Calling someone jealous for sexual reasons is one of the highest forms of insult you can give.


Earth is mostly monogamous.


It felt like it took half the book to tell us that.


And his sex scene would have been better if he had consulted a romance writer.  

Or just did a fade to black.  :  )