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The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth - H.G. Wells


The path to hell is paved by dark humor.


A little background on myself:

I raise free range chickens (and other birds), and some can be excellent mousers.

One will grab it and try to eat it, then take off with it when other hens notice and try to take it away.

If the original loses it, she gets in line with the other chasers and it starts all over.


So, the story:

Giant pullets (young hens just getting old enough to start laying eggs that haven't had their first adult moult) get loose from an experimental farm and wander into town.

One grabs a small child and takes off, the other four chasing after.

Wells compare them size-wise to emus, but they are WAY bigger if they can take a child.


The image of a giant hen with a small child being chased by four other hens made me giggle and snort.

Because I know what it looks like in real life and it is far from dignified.


Before anyone gets their feathers ruffled, the child wasn't hurt.

Someone threw a watering can at it and it dropped the child in a bush.

Nothing but a few scratches.

Chickens are easily startled, so it flew up onto someones stable cackling indignantly the whole time and fell through the roof.

Then they all took off out of town in a flutter and mowed down a field of greens.


I don't know if this will fit any squares for the bingo, but that image is going to stay with me for a long time.

As will:

Earwigs the size of lobsters (fuck no! burn it!).

Wasps the size of eagles. (shudder)

And potentially house cats the size of tigers.