Halloween Bingo: Chilling children

House of Reckoning - John Saul


A couple edits added to the bottom.


Two young outcast teens are being drawn to 'the witch's house'  for reasons they don't understand even though both have been told to stay away from her and from each other.


The people in this town are pretty shitty - at least the ones we get to meet.


I still have questions!  Although they don't detract from the story.  They just leave an unscratchable itch.

Is there a history with certain families dating back to the institute?

Did they just want their story told? Or did they want revenge?



Other than that, a very satisfying read.

Especially the very end.

Although Tiffany doesn't seem to be learning the lesson in irony that she is now living.


For those interested:

There is very little gore

A couple spots that scared the crap out of me

A dog dies through the fault of the owner though it is not gratuitous