Reading progress update: I've read 69%.

Skitter - Ezekiel Boone


Giant man eating spiders.  

Some are softball sized.



Apparently the sound of a softball sized spider being stepped on is crushing potato chips then gushing yogurt.  ACK!


I can't decide who would survive a spider apocalypse.

Those who aren't creeped out because they think spiders are cool (they are as long as they aren't ON ME or in my house), or those who are because no spider would get anywhere close.  DIE you creepy thing!


I feel like I need a HOT shower and a flamethrower.


Going anywhere where there might be spiders is going to be unpleasant for a couple days after I finish this.  And I have spiders everywhere here on the farm.

In the barn, in the coops, in the garden, in the trees, on the fences and gates, the outdoor patio, in the grass.


Thank god it's still too cold for most except the cellar spiders in the garage.

That's what husbands and sons are for.  LOL