Reading progress update: I've read 26%.

Just Add Water - Hunter Shea


Just coming off a marathon read of Castle Perilous, so it's still in my head.

And it's mixing with this book.  LOL  geez. 

Everyone in the swapping party is dying, and I keep thinking it's magic.

He just picked up his wife to get out.

Blood guts and gore galore!  and chewing, and eating...


And, I'm all in a tizzy, or high strung, on edge for some reason...


The last day or two I've been a bit more high strung than usual.

The boy came sliding into the kitchen last night whilst I was sitting at the computer sorting horror stories for this bingo challenge.


'That one is going to be amazing! Ooo  gory.  Sweet! that one should be highly entertaining!'


I saw him out of the corner of my eye, he yanked the fridge door open, and tried to share with me what movie he was watching.  I jerked, looked again, and screamed.  


He started laughing, asked what was wrong with me.  You scared the shit out of me!  LOL  I started laughing as well, at least this time your father didn't come running out to see what was wrong.