Reading progress update: I've read 90%.

Devil's Island - Mark Lukens


We have a possessed house this time.  Or maybe the entire island.


Most of the groups activities have been fairly intelligent as they try to get proof of paranormal activity.  Although, I would not have been anywhere NEAR as patient with Nick not giving the full story of why he brought them there, or for him taking so long to give the promised background.  


The gate has been locked (skulduggery!), they find out the salt trick really does work at least a little on the demon/entity/whatever (YAY!), and they rescue Nigel from it's clutches.


Apparently, however, the 2 sent to cut the chain off the gate have forgotten, or it didn't occur to them, that healthy humans are usually faster than zombies, and water dissolves salt.


Instead of running back to the porch after the opening the gate and pouring their salt circles, they do it in the pouring rain in the midst of a tropical storm.