Reading progress update: I've read 75%.

Birdman - Mo Hayder


Okay, I take it back.  At least some of it.  :  )


It's still feels slow, but we've got a twofer, and it's skin crawling creepy.


 edit:  and my favorite characters are:


Quinn, a no nonsense, stick her arm into a nastily (and i do mean nasty - made my lip curl while reading it) clogged toilet to pull out some tights and comment that they'll have to be dried while the detectives are trying not to puke.  She also crawled head first and waist deep into a dumpster (wheelie bin) without batting an eye.


Essex, the comedian unless stuff gets serious then he's rock solid so far.

After they see curtains opened with large hands:

"I don't like this, Jack."

"What're you talking about? It's just a little old lady."

"Dressed to Kill," he hissed. "Dressed to fucking kill, that's what I'm talking about."