Reading progress update: I've read 88%.

Ravage - Iain Rob Wright



OMG, I'm dying here.


I don't think the book is supposed to be funny, and it's not the best written thing out there, and it's #3 in the series, but the plot holds you if can deal with the writing. Not a lot of spelling or grammatical issues, just feels like young writing.


The zombies are swarming.


But this:


We're screwed,” Jimmy fretted.

We're like hamsters up a butthole.”


Made think think of this:


and I can't stop laughing.

I'm going to spend the rest of the day yelling ARMAGEDDON! at odd times.


I don't know how to add a video, but the link just takes you YouTube.

Sorry for the weird font and big paragraph spaces.  I typed it up first in an open office doc.