Sea of Silver Light  - Tad Williams


I don't think it's ever taken me so long to finish a series that only has 4 books.

Overall, I would give it a solid 3, but I think Mr. Williams should stick to fantasy.


At one point, one of the characters mentioned Jongeleur getting eaten.  Out loud I said 'Good! Let him get eaten!'  as I walked into the room where hubby was.  'Wow!, A little harsh?'  was his reaction.  LOL   No! It's not! The guys an ass. He deserves to be eaten.  Besides. It might liven the book up a bit.


After spending the entire book being rescued in the nick of time, everything get wrapped up neat as pin and topped with bow. Personally, I prefer my endings to be at least a little messy.



However, we still don't know if the children were saved, although the assumption is there because of Sam and Stephen.


And why didn't the Treehouse people tear the net apart when their little ones got trapped.  If anyone had the ability it would have been them.  Unless Sellars held them off because of the potential danger to the kids.


At least Dread got what he deserved - being helpless and chased through all eternity by the women he tortured and killed.