Liars! Assholes! Aarrgghh! Panic in the shelves! *sigh*

Varney the Vampire Or the Feast of Blood - Thomas Preskett Prest


I thought I was almost done.  LOL  


First, the rant:


Anyone wanting to read this in ebook form, download it from MobileRead.


Both the Amazon free version and the Gutenberg version end very abruptly halfway through the story, which is about halfway through volume 2, the end of chapter XCVI.  Seriously!?  You cut it off at chapter 96 when there's 220 chapters in this behemoth!


I don't think it has taken me this long to read a book since Lord of the Rings or my multiple attempts at Atlas Shrugged.


However, other than the meanderings (apparently this (these) guy(s) really were paid by the word) the story itself is engaging and at time time hilarious.


I'm suspicious of Jack Pringle and the Dr. seems to be a bit off kilter sometimes.


Now, off to the wedding!