Modern Masters of Horror

Sacrifice - Russell  James

 edit:  I had this one slated for Terror in a Small Town, but it takes place on Long Island, and I really don't think that counts as a small town unless you go back 200 years.


A group of friends get together 30 years after graduation to finish driving away the vengeful ghost? spirit? of a man who was brutally killed by towns people over 200 years ago and is now stalking their children.  They screwed it royally the first time around.


And I want more information on the amulets!  This I think would have set it farther from just a retelling of It.  


and some other story I'm unable to pull from the depths, but it involves a group of families being haunted through the years because of something their ancestors did.


It felt like the story was just skimming the surface.

Not particularly scary or suspenseful, especially since the author keeps giving stuff away way too early. 

I can't remember what square I was going to use this for, so I will update the post when I get back to the big computer.