The Punished - Peter L Meredith

If you want a cozy book to cuddle up with, this is not the one you're looking for.

If you like to huddle under the covers with a flashlight, this is a story for you.

At first you think it's a story about some crazy lady.
Then you learn better.

But it's not just another ghost or haunted house story.
Not a lot of blood, guts, and gore either.

It brought back all those childhood feelings of being afraid of the dark.

It scared me enough to sleep with the light on for two nights.


When I got up to make coffee the morning after I hit the scary parts, I had to make sure ALL the lights were on everywhere in the house instead of just the kitchen and the computer room.

Except for the background of the main character, I found the characters believable when taken as a whole.

Overall I thought it was well written, though occasionally a comma would pop up in the wrong place, and some homophone usage could be corrected.

I did not find it distracting from the book, however, and I would read more by this author.