NOT what I was expecting.

Uschi! - Tony Ungawa

My first foray into zombie literature came as quite a surprise.


I laughed.

I gagged.

I cheered true love!

I felt sorry for a vampire for the first time ever.


This is fun.

And the most bizarre and endearing love story I have ever read.


Uschi loves everything - even the things she hates.

She gets more joy out of life than most living people.

She especially enjoys Lil' Bocephus.


Lil' Bocephus has chosen the wrong human from whom to try and obtain a meal when he goes after the love of Uschi's almost life, Denny, in a parking lot.

Poor Lil' Bocephus.


Uschi takes her true love on some wild adventures to build up his confidence. She loves him the way he is, and would do anything for him, including dragging him by the scruff on the way to becoming the man she knows he would like to be.


I thought it was well written and edited. No noticeable errors to detract from the story.

Similies abound, but without them the story wouldn't be the same.

The images some of them bring to mind are quite amazing and snort worthy.


Do keep in mind this is VERY sexually explicit in some places - Zombie erotica I suppose.

It looks as if the product description has been changed since I downloaded it - heed it well if you don't like that sort of thing.


Would I have downloaded it if I had been paying attention?

Probably not.

I am, however, glad I wasn't.


But what happened to Lil' Bocephus?

He's with them til the end, enjoying a nice picnic on the beach.