This month is proving difficult.

I am attempting to find a book for my monthly genre challenge.


The genre is Historical/Social Fiction.


I thought The Scarlett Letter.

Kind of hard to read a book if you can't find the beginning.

Very odd. Maybe MobileReads has a good copy.


Move on to The Three Musketeers.

This on has promise, but it wasn't catching my attention.

Maybe later.


Okay, how about Ben Hur?

I really don't feel like reading about the three wise men.

They were the least interesting part of the story of Christ in my opinion.


Maybe The Picture of Dorian Gray.

God, I hate that book.

(I may not make it through for the buddy read Sock Poppet)


So, I am moving on to Martin Chuzzelwit by Charles Dickens, The Red and the Black by Stendhal, or something by Louisa May Alcott if she counts in this genre.


Wish me luck!