A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder - 'James De Mille'

 Our hero has got to be most wishy washy person alive.

The heroine isn't much better.


The four narrators on the boat get to be irritating after awhile, but thankfully we don't visit them often.


Only two people get eaten at the celebration, but everyone gets to either be banned to a volcanic island for a slow starvation to blesses death, or give away 1/4 of their wealth in order to be one step closer to pauperhood.




Lost at sea because he wanted to hunt seals though the captain warned against it because of the weather and the location.  Dumbass.


He's now stranded among a people who revere death and who strive to become paupers.

The wealthy are the lowest of the low.


He is slated to be the sacrifice at the greatest celebration of the year.

And to be eaten afterwards.

Publicly, at the capitol.

The greatest honor these people can bestow.


He might have an out.




This may be reminiscent of Jules Verne, but it is way more creepy.




This is turning out to be a pretty good book.

Along the lines of Jules Verne.