SuperMegaNet, Vol. 4 - Jesse Gordon

I thought this was the last one.

I want to know what happened!


The kids have managed to find ways around the restriction.

No big surprise there.


An apartment building got towed.

The images of that made me laugh.


There is a cassette tape ("The Tape") making people pregnant.

Physical notes shaped like sperm.  ????


Becky seems to dropped out of the story.


I guess I'm off to his blog since there does not appear to be a 5th book.



March 10, 2014




This is a fun little series.

If I recall correctly, the author started it as a series on his blog.


4 middle schoolers are skipped ahead to high school, so the guidance counselor set them the assignment of getting to know each other.


They decide to use a live chat program called Super Mega Net.

They can upload into the internet and download themselves physically to the location of another user.


Book 4 starts with the parents finding out.

Most are not pleased.


It's been long enough, I may have to re-read book 3, 'cause Becky kinda creeped me out.