Cleansing the palate

SHARC - Paul Rudd


Arnold Schwartzeneggar (no idea if that's spelled right) almost got eaten when it took out the restaraunt.

They should have shared the tuna.


The Seals were barely showed - not sure why they were there.


The end chase scene was suspenseful.


I felt sad for the scientist who let the thing loose in the first place.


Overall, the ending was a bit anti-climactic, but not bad.


April 19

It took out a plane and a yacht.

(Must have wanted some caviar with the main course)


Then snapped up a few little run-a-bouts like after dinner mints.


They're bringing in the Seals.


 April 18

It popped that submersible like a grape.

The pressure turned everyone to mush.


I hope Jackson was in there.


 April 17

It's loose!

And it ate the boat!


Okay, it didn't really eat the boat.


It just smashed it to slivers in order to reach the tasty morsels inside.

Like unwrapping Valentine's candy.



April 16

The cheese is strong with this one.


Like reading a B movie.

I love it!

So far, anyway.



April 15

Something light.


The youngest says it's good.