Wow. The Damned Thing

The Damned Thing - Ambrose Bierce, David W. Whitehead

**Thanks to Char and BrokenTune, editing to add the title of the story:


This was a surprising little "sleeper".


A nice little haunting/something's lurking/stalking type story.

Only about 10 pages, concise, no extra flowery stuff.


However, it gave me nightmares last night.

Intense enough for me to wake myself up telling hubby 'No! Get away!' as I replayed an entire scene in my dream.


And loud enough that he came in to make sure I was awake and okay.


I wasn't even going to write anything about it since it was just a short story I found in my TBR that matched the author birthday challenge I'm doing in a group on Goodreads.


I will be looking for more of Mr. Bierce's writings.