Halloween Bingo: Full!


Oct 22

My card is filled, now I'm just waiting for squares to be called.



 Oct 21

Thanks for the help everyone!

Some of the Poe I haven't read yet, but he's another one I have to be in the mood for..
I didn't know Dickens and Kipling wrote ghost stories except for A Christmas Carol.


I think I'm going to try out the Dickens and put Kipling on the list.


Oct 20



I'm down to one square to fill, and I need a Classic Horror that I haven't already read!

 Any suggestions?

 I'm hearing the song in the tiny voice from the black and white version of The Fly.  LOL


Oct 15

Vampires gives me bingo #4.


 Oct 11

Far left column.


Oct 9

2nd column from the left!


Oct 5

Unless I've mis-marked something, here's where I'm at.


These books are giving me some really weird dreams - a fat, albino rat bunny dancing in my goat barn is the oddest so far.  

The trek I took through a town last night involving killing a wolverine with an arrow made of grass and trying to get out of the house of a giant but not really a giant was right up there in weirdness.


Bottom row bingo!


Getting there - some just haven't been called yet. 


This is going to be like last year - how many can I read before getting a bingo.

I suppose if I looked at the rows or columns when choosing it would help.



Called:                 Read but not called              Called and read




Ghost: The Case Files of Thomas Carney by Cleo Wolfe

Cozy mystery: Better off Dead in Deadwood by Ann Charles

In the dark, dark woods: Castaways by Brian Keene

Terrifying women: Daddy Won't Kill You by Caroline Gebbie

Chilling children: House of Reckoning by John Saul

Genre: horror: Urban Gothic by Brian Keene

Witches: Hag's Trail by Daniel Fox

Werewolves: Lila the Werewolf by Peter S. Beagle

Modern Masters of Horror: Ghoul (2007) by Brian Keene

The dead will walk: Dead Sea by Brian Keene

Diverse voices: The Old Forrestal Place by Jessie Tan

Aliens: Tritium Gambit by Erik Hyrkas

Haunted houses: Drummer Boy (Littlefield) by Scott Nicholson

Serial/spree killer: A Terrible Beauty by Graham Masterton

Terror in a small town: Torment by Brett McBean

American horror story: The Red Church Scott Nicholson

Monsters: Gecko by Ken Douglas

Vampires: In the Shadow of the Mountains by MR Graham

Magical realism: Codex Born (Magic Ex Libris Book 2) Jim C. Hines

80's horror: A Crying Shame by William W. Johnston

Free Square: The Keep by F. Paul Wilson

Supernatural: Darkness on the Edge of Town by Brian Keene

Amateur sleuth: Deadly Gamble – Charlie Parker by Connie Shelton

Demons: Demon by Erik Williams

Classic horror: The Haunted House by Charles Dickens