Corn, corn, corn. Nothin' but corn

No One Gets Out Alive - Adam Nevill


Haunted by girls sacrificed to the corn through terror, some raped, and psychological intimidation.


Another book with a demented earth goddess who needs human sacrifice so the corn will grow.

Perpetuated by the ancient Welsh.

I thought corn wasn't introduced to Europe til after the conquistadors hit central America.


This one was way nastier than one in the previous book.

At least that one was content with one every 7 years.

This one keeps pieces of the sacrifices close by so they can haunt the next victim or helper into insanity before moving to the next.


And why is it always corn!

What makes corn so creepy!

There are other crops than corn.

Makes me leery of my corn patch every fall! LOL


A lot of distracting inner musings.

The tension would build, then we get inner dialog from Stephanie trying to rationalize and explain. For pages. In detail.

Poof. Mood gone.