Halloween Bingo Pre-Party Day 11: Bring on the Horror – Favorite Horror Reads and how scary they are

Horror is one of my favorite genres, and my first mature book love.

The scarier the better. I want to be afraid to go to sleep without a light on.

Although there are exceptions, and they do have their place, I can pass on the blood, guts, and gore since they're usually added more for the shock effect than to create fear.


These are stories that stuck with me, even if it was just a scene or two. Weighted bit towards Stephen King, mostly because he was my introduction to horror and I was very young when I read some of them.


The Wendigo by Algernon Blackwood

The atmosphere, stalking of and being stalked by a myth in the deep north woods. Not knowing if it was real. Possibly the scariest book I've read.


The Punished by Peter Meredith

Even being afraid of the dark, I don't find 'hauntings' particularly scary. Although weird noises inside and outside will set me to turning on all the lights. LOL But this one ranks up there with the best of them. The whole thing was just creepy as it gets.


Pet Semetary by Stephen King

The scene when he was carrying his son past the deadfall was one of the most fear inducing single scenes ever.


Cruelty by Edward Lorn

I think it was the last book in the series, when the black stone angel came flying out of nowhere while he was walking through the woods. That scene was incredibly unnerving, and the closest thing to a jump scare I have encountered on the written page.


It by Stephen King

It brought back all the childhood memories of being afraid of the dark, the monster under the bed, the thing in the closet, the musty basement with the dark corners. The photos freaked me out the most. It was a long time before I could comfortably flip through a photo album.


Cujo by Stephen King

I grew up on a farm in the middle of the woods, so knowledge of rabies was taught as soon as us kids were allowed out doors unsupervised. However, because I was about 10 when I read this it freaked me out. Mostly because I don't recall King stating anywhere that it was rabies. The dog gets bit then goes on a rampage. I was thinking some weird possession thing, which I suppose in a way it was.