Slasher Stories

Dark Places - Gillian Flynn


I don't know who messed with Patty's head enough to bring her to that decision.  Maybe no one and she was always someone who just never quite felt good enough. Which made her a victim waiting to happen.


Which Ben seemed to inherit which allowed Diondra to twist him around.  Some one should have tattooed Bad Seed on her forehead at an early age.  Maybe cunt would have been more descriptive for that little twat.


Libby's not a likeable person either, even if the therapists might have been the ones to cause some of her emotional issues.  She just seemed incredibly an incredibly self centered entitled little brat even at 30 yrs old.


I think the only character I liked was Aunt Diane. Straightforward, no hidden agenda, always there for her sister but not in an self sacrificing way.

And maybe the Angel of Debt.  

Everyone else seemed to have zero redeeming qualities.  Including the kids.