Terror in a Small Town

Them - William W. Johnstone


And this started out so well.


Brain shaped entities from outer space come to enslave humanity for a few hundred years while helping them improve. Unfortunately, there is a mutiny underway, and two factions of the aliens fight for dominance in the little village of Sandy Run.


An interesting premise to what I thought was going to be a fun romp though B horror land.
No such luck.


We gradually degenerate to a continuous lecture about bullying and how stupid the human race is. Granted humans seem to have a built in tendency towards bullying, and we're not the brightest things going, but come on. We're not in the principles office. The stilted writing, constant lecturing, and the name calling comes across as juvenile and immature, like it was written by middle schooler. The head brain thing just comes across as arrogant and holier than thou, completely unwilling to see any side but his own.

The whole book is the reader basically getting lectured to about bullying by a bully and an overbearing parent turn and turn about. Sometimes in the same conversation.


1 star because the scenes with Sid and the paranoid old man in the swamp, and Dickie and Lou Ann stealing Sids patrol car made me laugh. Unfortunately they came towards the end.