Diverse Voices

The Changeling - Victor LaValle


It always takes him a good bit to get to the scary/creepy stuff, but the wait is always worth it.



This was an interesting interpretation of the Norse legend/myth of the trolls.

I don't think trolls were involved in swapping babies though.  I always thought that was faeries.


It seems to start out as a kidnapping & child murder ring thriller, then Kablam!  we're in fairy tale mode. I think the transition happens when he's on the island, but it seemed a bit abrupt.


Some parts were a bit head scratching, and we never do find out when the baby was switched.  

His mother taking multiple times to finally come out with the truth about his father made me want to slap her.


It also makes you realize just how pervasive technology has become and just how much privacy people have willing given up without even realizing it.