Halloween Bingo BLACKOUT!

Many thanks to Moonlight Murder and Obsidian Blue for another fun Halloween Bingo!
And for once again expanding my TBR pile. 




Dark and Stormy Night:  The Night Mayor  by Kim Newman

Deadlands:  The Wailing by M.R. Graham

Paint it Black:  Black Eyed Children  by Sara Clancy

Creepy Crawlies:  Invasive Species  by Joseph Wallace

Creepy Carnivals:  Dark Ride  by  Iain Rob Wright

Gothic:  In the Night Wood  by  Dale Bailey

Relics and Curiosities: The Harvest  by Sara Clancy

American Horror Story:  Sacrificial Grounds  by Sara Clancy

Demons:  Exorcist Falls  by Jonathan Janz

Stranger Things: Darkly the Thunder  by William W. Johnstone

Southern Gothic:  Wickers Bog  by Mike Duran

Stone Cold Horror:  Terror on the Tundra  by J. Esker Miller

A Grimm Tale:  Cinder  by Marissa Meyer

Modern Masters of Horror:  Sacrifice  by Russell James published 2017

Slasher Stories:  Dark Places  by Gillian Flynn

Terror in a Small town:  Them  by William W. Johnstone

 King of Fear:  The Troop  by Nick Cutter

Genre: Horror:  Mother  by Patrick Logan

Diverse Voices:  The Changeling  by Victor LaValle

Free Space:  Devil's Night  by Richard Chizmar

Spellbound:  The Paper Magician  by  Charlie N. Holmberg

Grave or Graveyard:  The Graveyard of Space  by Milton Lesser (Stephen Marlowe)

Shifters:  The Were-Wolf  by  Clemence Housman

Classic Horror:  The Sandman  by E.T.A. Hoffmann

13: The 13th Witch  by Mark Hayden