The what to read next conundrum

A Bad Spell in Yurt - C. Dale Brittain


My plans were to do a Mt. TBR read again next year, but I decided to get an early start, starting with the oldest fantasys.  Because alphabetical and because at the moment even if I cleared out half I could still scale Mount Olympus multiple times. I can't count them, but I can get through some at least.


Most of them, however, are from the initial freebie flood on Amazon.  My criteria this time around will be harsher and more stringent than last time.  You've got a chapter or two to catch me.  Otherwise, you're out.  I started with 51, I've already chucked 3.


This little gem was next on the list and the reason I don't just go through my Amazon library and delete all the freebies from back then. 2% in and we're off to an amusing start.  


He graduated (barely) from magic university and got lucky and landed his first job as a court wizard. You just know this guy is going to be more trouble than he's worth though he's going to try to convince you otherwise.