Halloween Bingo: Haunted Houses

Drummer Boy - Scott Nicholson


Some wars never end.

And deserters eventually have to face justice.

Sometimes the ghosts really can hurt you.


A small town in South Carolina (I think) becomes a recruitment site during a Civil War re-enactment festival.


After everything Hardy went through, I wonder if Donny ever recovered.


Halloween Bingo Update


Getting there - some just haven't been called yet.



This is going to be like last year - how many can I read before getting a bingo.

I suppose if I looked at the rows or columns when choosing it would help.



Called:                 Read but not called              Called and read




Ghost: The Case Files of Thomas Carney by Cleo Wolfe  

Cozy mystery: Better off Dead in Deadwood by Ann Charles

In the dark, dark woods: Castaways by Brian Keene

Terrifying women: Daddy Won't Kill You by Caroline Gebbie

Chilling children: House of Reckoning by John Saul  

Genre: horror: Urban Gothic by Brian Keene

Witches: Hag's Trail by Daniel Fox

Werewolves: Lila the Werewolf by Peter S. Beagle

Modern Masters of Horror: Ghoul by Brian Keene

 The dead will walk: Dead Sea by Brian Keene

Diverse voices: The Old Forrestal Place by Jessie Tan

Aliens: Tritium Gambit by Erik Hyrkas

Haunted houses: Drummer Boy (Littlefield) by Scott Nicholson




Halloween Bingo: Aliens

Tritium Gambit - Erik Hyrkas


Could use some editing, but a fun read.


Hallucinogenic vines that come in every flavor imaginable.

Giant killer venomous snakes that can be controlled by little porcupine people.


If Max's metabolism runs that high, he should have been dead by starvation ages ago.


More gore than usual for science fiction, but wendigo's can be messy eaters.



Reading progress update: I've read 63%.

Tritium Gambit - Erik Hyrkas



Aliens and some humans are guarding Earth as it matures, similar to The Men in Black.


Wendigos are aliens from outerspace.


However, our hero has so far managed to keep a hold of his towel.



Halloween Bingo: Diverse Voices

The Old Forrestal Place (An Anthology of Short Horror Stories) - Jesse Tan


Everything is haunted!

And everyone gets possessed, I think. 

Or something.


What idiot thought rebuilding the town so close to the previous one was a good idea?

And Ellen should never have some back - I wouldn't have set foot in that house again after what happened.


I felt very sorry for Dylan.

He was willing to help but there was nothing he could do.


Zero sympathy for the chick who climbed into the well.


Quite a bit packed into this little serial.

I picked up the individual stories as she released them - I would suggest going with the anthology instead of the individual stories though.

Having to stop and open the next one interrupts the flow.




Halloween Bingo: Th Dead Will Walk

Dead Sea - Brian Keene


Fleeing a dying city 2 men and 2 children manage to hop a ride with about 15 others on a decomissioned but still functional coast guard ship.

Along with 2 nasty pieces of work that had nothing to do with the zombies.


I know a couple others had this one que'ed, so I'm not how much I can say without spoilers.





Reading progress update: I've read 80%.

Dead Sea - Brian Keene


Handy dandy hunter tip if you ever find yourself in the zombie apocalypse with a shotgun:


Bird shot is useless.


Reading progress update: I've read 11%.

Dead Sea - Brian Keene


The dead are calling.

And they want to invite you for supper.

Halloween Bingo: Modern Masters of Horror

Ghoul - Brian Keene


Excellent story of 3 boys growing up and battling the monster in the cemetery, and the ones at home.


They are 12 yrs old and summer has just begun - they still feel like summer lasts forever.

Hidden forts, comic books, one upping their rivals, the first girlfriend, are the most important things in the world.

Til people start going missing.


I wonder why none of them has a pet.


And this one gets voted Best of Halloween Bingo so far.

Much better than the other one using the same creature.


Halloween Bingo: Werewolves

Lila the Werewolf - Peter S. Beagle


Not particularly scary, almost a love story.

Kind of a sweet story, but not overly so.

Her mother is a bitch.


The werewolf does kill dogs.



Halloween Bingo: Genre: Horror

Urban Gothic - Brian Keene


This was one of my undecideds, so I've decided to use this one for this square.


If you like gore, creepy houses and mutant psychos this one is for you!

And some pretty icky sexual imagery.






Halloween Bingo: Witches

Hag's Trail - Jimmy Millwood


Western that takes place during the Cherokee Trail of Tears.

He's hunting down a witch/hag to get his daughter back with the help of a failed Cherokee medicine man and a dream witch.

A nice mesh of humor and seriousness.

A little slow going at first because everything seems disjointed. Things straighten out when he finishes telling Marigold his story. Previous to that it's hard to tell if it's a straight line story, or if some of it's memories and it's bouncing back and forth.


Halloween Bingo: Chilling children

House of Reckoning - John Saul


A couple edits added to the bottom.


Two young outcast teens are being drawn to 'the witch's house'  for reasons they don't understand even though both have been told to stay away from her and from each other.


The people in this town are pretty shitty - at least the ones we get to meet.


I still have questions!  Although they don't detract from the story.  They just leave an unscratchable itch.

Is there a history with certain families dating back to the institute?

Did they just want their story told? Or did they want revenge?



Other than that, a very satisfying read.

Especially the very end.

Although Tiffany doesn't seem to be learning the lesson in irony that she is now living.


For those interested:

There is very little gore

A couple spots that scared the crap out of me

A dog dies through the fault of the owner though it is not gratuitous 




Playing around on the internet this morning I came across this photo of The actor who plays Michael Myers from the movie Halloween.  (I think it's him - it was labeled that way)



Now who does he remind me of? Mr. Bob Dylan:


Hmmm... Doesn't really fit.

Some of Your Blood - Steve Rasnic Tem, Theodore Sturgeon


I had this marked for Classic Horror, but it's not really a horror story.

Unless you count childhood neglect/abuse as horror.


It's an account of a, surprisingly stable after he told his story from childhood to enlistment, man who ends up in a mental illness facility because of a 2 line letter he wrote to his girl and punching his superior officer during a scuffle with the MPs.


It reminded me of reading When Rabbit Howls.

Or maybe closer to I Never Promised You Rose Garden.



Since it doesn't really fit any of my squares, I'm not going to slot this for now.



Reading progress update: I've read 41%.

Some of Your Blood - Steve Rasnic Tem, Theodore Sturgeon


Back on page 29:


This 14 yr old kid is trying figure out why all the other boys in the juvie/orphanage are constantly on about sex and getting off.


He finally comes to this conclusion:


" Being able to shoot your load did not make you nothing special because every rabbit could do it.  Shooting your load maybe was more fun than crapping or peeing but when you come right down to it it is not so special because you don't have to make yourself do it - you can't help it. ..."


I laughed so hard.

Hubby gave me the side eye when I explained.

Which made me giggle more.

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